Attention, young Xia, the first shot of the power propaganda film is coming! The beautiful men and women in this film are from the Tiandu forces in our prosperous Chang’an District. It’s said that this force is full of handsome men. Xiaotiantian, a newcomer, once thought he was in the men’s draft by mistake! Do handsome guys have the burden of idols when they walk in the wilderness? With doubts and curiosity, Xiao Tiantian came to interview our Tiandu forces today! It’s not too late. Let’s take a look at their power propaganda film and feel the beauty attack of the members of Tiandu more directly


Like the young Xia, Tiandu has become an old force in prosperous Chang’an District for 11 years. Xiao Ke, who entered the wilderness at the beginning of that year, established this power with his friends. After the former power master left, he took over the position of power master. Today’s forces, pension play home more, usually also rarely fight, together under this and open the box is everyone’s favorite thing








Do you think you will always be happy in the power of handsome men? In fact, they also have their own troubles, such as they can’t find the CP… there is only one pair of CP in the whole force, so it seems that they need more male young Xia who play female horn

In addition, everyone in Tiandu also likes to take a bath, open a box, paste, play handsome, take photos, and write a Book… Yes, you can read it right. There are also 10-year-old drivers in Xianyu force who will take you to write a Book happily

Hengyuan, as the all-round C position in the force, can fight, resist and open monsters. He is responsible for exporting, carrying damage and milking teammates at the next time… Cough, anyway, it’s the existence of carry! Of course, Xiao Ke and Yi fishing tools people are not ordinary people. They are good at cheering, cheering and selling. They have full scores in aid skills. They bring their own caowa Shennong. They are always ready to pull Hengyuan to fight another 300 rounds at any time! Although Hengyuan often strides forward on the corpse of the power master, we still try our best to protect him. After all, if the master C is gone, we can give up the copy

Although the actual situation is that because Hengyuan’s comments are too high, everyone doesn’t like to join her in the book (show. JPG)

[talk about the feelings of participating in the power activities]

talking about the reasons for participating in the power activities, Xiao Ke said that originally he just wanted to participate, but he was also making the power documentary, but he didn’t expect to get the chance of official shooting, and felt that he lost 100 million yuan. Although it was shot once, we still prepared for the shooting with great care

When shooting the colorful gourd baby, we went through the wardrobe for a long time, but they hated each other. The color matching was not pure enough. In order to choose the most consistent color, Hengyuan also changed from Sanwa to Dawa

There is also the classic stilt walking. At first, I didn’t expect that all the members would become “foot artists”. I just wanted to see if there were any movements that could make the huluwa gesture. Later, I found that there were stilts to step on, so I got on the mount












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